Friday, January 22, 2010

New Year Beginnings... I'm back to blogging!!

We went to California as we always do for Christmas Break. All of us were able to come and enjoy fun games, LOADS AND LOADS of food (still workin' that off btw...) and some fun family pix (sort of an ode to Jordan before he prepares to leave for his Mission this next year). Our family has grown quite a bit as you can tell since the last we had fam pix done and is still consistenly growing. We had a great time seeing family and friends and always enjoy getting together. Here were just a few of my favorites. I promise to do better blogging people. Its been so crazy busy around here keeping up with the girls and activities. I have been getting complaints that I haven't been posting as much so here's just a small taste....
I love this pix because my girls are actually ALL 3 looking at the camera and actually ALL 3 smiling, including that wee one in my arms. She is growing leaps and bounds and we are just loving it... more to come on her!!
Me and my boys... gotta love em!!
What is that MISCHIEVIOUS little girl on the left thinking? Keep your eye on that one, she is TROUBLE!!
7 Girls and 1 boy. Poor Morgon!!
Don't ask...

We have had a wonderful New Year beginning. We are all healthy, loved and blessed. We are so greatful for our family and friends and would not be who we are today if it weren't for them. Emma is busy with Kindergarten and Theatre group. She loves having friends over and is such a social butterfly (much like her mommy I guess). She is such a HUGE helper with her 2 younger sisters and is always so postitive (much like her daddy). She loves life and loves getting out and stay active with snow sledding and swimming. We just love her zest for life.

Lilly is much the same. She is quite the character and loves doing EVERYTHING her sister does. They enjoy a little healthy competition at times (sometimes that worries me), but they ultimately are the bestest of friends (makes my heart smile seeing how much they adore one another and makes eachother laugh.) She loves playing with Emma and her friends but also loves to help with her younger sister. She my mischievious one, thus keeping me on my toes... never a dull moment with this one. She can tend to make mommy so mad yet make me just love her all that much more. She is very loveable and has no fear of showing those around her how much she loves them (babysitter came over for the first time and she ran and hugged her, SO SWEET!!). She constantly melts our hearts with how much she loves life. Along with her sister she is busy with gymnastics, snow sledding and swimming.

Alice is such a FABULOUS baby!! We just adore her! At 8 months, pro-crawler, pulling herself up to everything and anything she gets her scrawny little hands on, and showing off the 5 teeth she has thus far; she is the life of the party. The girls can't get enough of her, mommy and daddy can't get enough of those cheekies, and SUCH an amazing sleeper, we could not ask for more. She loves sleeping in her car seat, loves laughing and giggling esp when her sisters come and play with her in her crib. She is loved, no doubt about that.

Didn't get cards sent out this last year as I always do, went by WAY too fast. Got to enjoy a little bit of it at Christmas break at least and hope that the rest of you are enjoying your new year beginnings. All our love, The Dials!!