Tuesday, May 26, 2009

2 weeks old

2 weeks old and we have been so in love with this new little one. She had her 2 week check up today and she's growing just fine. 7 pds 15 oz now and still as long and skinny as ever.. We absolutely adore her!! So do the girls; and who wouldn't... just look at this squishy little bundle!!
Lilly is always wanting to hug and kiss her. She is always asking (more at the most in-opportune times like nursing and changing the diapers) if she can hold her. When she does, she loves just looking at her and pointing (more so poking and prodding) at her nose, eyes, mouth, ears... all the things she has the same of; it's quite comical. (as long as one of us is with her).
I had to take a pix and post this adorable pix Emma made on her doodler. She was so proud of her latest stick figure drawings... Alice is by far one of the tallest babies, and then there is mommy, daddy with the spikes (she thinks daddy's hair tends to look like a tall mo-hawk at times), Emma & of course tiny little Lilly (whom act. is almost about the same size as Emma at this point). I had to laugh. REminded me of some cute posts I've seen on others' blogs..

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Alice Part 2...

Part 2 at the hospital... A few hours after Alice was born, she received her first set of visitors: her big sisters. Along with her arrival, Alice brought her two older sisters a little present; their favorite disney character, Arial. As you can tell, Emma was absolutely ecstatic. The girls were so excited to finally meet their new little sister. Every time I would come home from Dr appt's, Emma would be the first to greet me at the door asking, "Did you bring the baby home?". Thus, she was very excited (as was Lilly) to see their brand new baby sis. They were so cute. (Of course, after they got their Arial dolls they lost interest and were completely consumed with playing).

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Alice Jane Dial

It all began Monday morning at 5:30 am when we received "THE CALL" to come in and prep for our inducement. We arrived at 6:30 am and were taken to the delivery room. The short version plain and simply:
1. Everything was wonderful; EXCEPT my epidural (the aneth. guy, come to find out later, was the worse there... WHY ME!?!?!). He came in, gave me the first shot, couldn't get the needle in right so had to start with a new one all while I'm hunched over and IN PAIN with the first shot; TOOK FOREVER!! Even then, was numb but not as numb as I should have because when my Dr. came in to break my water he was only able to skimb it; enough so that when he felt that he couldn't get any further without hurting me anymore thus relaxing and thus my water breaking on it's own right then (which was something I def. felt and my nurse noticed it). They had the aneth. come back in and they decided to try another shot in a different spot. Well, THAT didn't feel good either and took just as long for the clumsy OAF to stick me again but this time he gave me such a LARGE block that I felt it almost immediately and was SUPER numb. However, it was such a large block that I went immed. pale, started throwing up over and over again and my heart rate began decreasing very rapidly to the 50's. I passed out but could hear people rushing all around me and eventually color and heart rate was back to normal (SO SCARY). After that, we were in heaven.
2. 5:47 pm we welcomed our brand new little 7 pds 4 oz & 20 1/2 inch little girl Alice Jane to the world. She came out with eyes wide open (LITERALLY). She cried just for a moment but overall was very patient with the nurses cleaning her up. She was perfect from head to toe and we have absolutely loved having her. (Just a side note; a few days later I was talking to a mom from Emma's preschool who was a CNA at the hospital for the Labor and Delivery station and she knew the aneth. who had given me my shot. She told me he was the worse one there and that she had had a similar experience as far as the shot numbing her from the waste up instead and then her heart rate crashing as well... SO SCARY!!)
The name is another funny story. We had decided we liked Alice long before and felt that once we saw her we'd know if it would fit her or not (it does btw.. perfectly with just her mellow temperment alone...) As far as the middle name goes... we were wanting to use Raeanna (my grandma's middle name and great grandma's first name combined) but then we found out that she was born on Nate's grandma's birthday... thus feeling it even more appropriate to use his grandma's name as the middle name... Alice Jane Dial.

Proud mommy...
Proud Nana...
Thanks for all your comments and prayers. It was funny because we got in the car to come home and Im looking at all 3 kids in their seats and I felt almost complete.. (it's wierd how much more I feel like a family with 3 rather than the 2 we've had so far... so complete). Love my girls...

BTW: these were all the pix we got on our camera; my mom has more I'll be getting from hers later so I'll have to post more when I get them... sorry it's taken so long.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Countdown Begins...

Ok, so I haven't been on blog for a while, let alone checking. Today is currently my due date and no sign of baby yet... (sigh). Thus, had my dr's appt yesturday and only at a 2 I am just fine with that. There is a part of me ready for this little one to be out but another part of me says just one more weekend. So, Monday will be the day if she doesn't arrive before then. I went today (due date in mind) Las Vegas to pick my mom up from the airport. (No worries; I took a friend just in case, Nate had to work). Again, no worries, I'm still with child. I'm looking forward to a weekend full of family considering last weekend I had all to myself (HEAVEN!!). Nate took the girls up to SLC as he had a side job and the girls got to see grandma and grandpa Dial along with cousins. They had a fun time as did I... at home... by myself... no baby... just myself... (sigh). I must say though, the day before they left the girls and I had somewhat of a hard time getting along that day thus as they left the following morning I was really regretting them leaving so soon and praying all day for their safe return home. Needless to say, my weekend was full of planning, organizing, resting, catching up on some shows (bless you DVR!!), and dinner and a movie with friends... it was SOOO nice. However, it was SO nice to have the hubby and kids home Sunday evening as my mind tends to play tricks on me; esp late at night 3:00 in the morning wondering if your going to survive the rest of the night all alone in a big empy house. (whew) I guess watching those scary late night shows don't help either.
So, this is the countdown to the baby... No baby news as of yet for those of you wondering and calling... I promise we'll post as soon as we possibly can!! Thank you for prayers, loves, calls and letters!! Until then.....