Friday, September 26, 2008

Willie the Cat...

This is the most patient "kitty" I have ever seen. Look at how he just sits and relaxes, let alone with Lilly. He loves the kids. This is Willie, our neighbors cat (who has somewhat adopted the girls as family now too). I don't know why, he has to sometimes fend our fun loving Lilly off at times; what with her trying to carry him by his tail at times. But he deals with it too and still comes around. He's such a good tempered "kitty". Emma and Lilly just adore him.
He loves to relax... especially if he can relax in someone's lap (it apparently doesn't matter who's lap it is)... We find him at times in the mornings taking a cat nap in our chairs on the front porch.
He even let's the girls carry him anywhere they want him to go. They'll even put him in thier stroller at times and push him around. I'm surprised they haven't put clothes on him yet. He loves to lounge around and sometimes just do nothing. He doesn't get long naps, as you can see. He's such a kid magnet.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


We have been going for walks lately during the evening (when it's cooled off quite a bit). Fall hasn't brought much change in the weather here; still in the 90's during the day but sure does cool off at night which makes for nice walks out by our neighborhood. There is a ranch not far from us that the kids love to go and feed the horses. We didn't come so prepared with carrots or treats for the horses, but managed to find grass off the side of the fence where this one horse LOVES the attention; thus you see him galloping over to greet us (the only one to do so might I add.)Emma wasn't afraid to go straight for the neck of the horse. She was quickly taken; truly her mother's daughter...
She even found herself feeding him and not freaking out as I had expected her to.
Lilly was afraid he was going to eat her feet....
But soon found she could get his focus elsewhere other than her scrumptous toes...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Baby Bump Contest!! VOTE NOW!!

My adorable sister in law, Gretchen, and proud "daddy" to be, Brady, of course are expecting. But what you don't know is that Gretchen entered a fun "BABY BUMP" contest and I'm putting the call out to all those who come to my blog to go to the link below and vote for her. Come on, isn't she adorable? She makes it look so easy and so fashionable. THUS, she HAS to win. SO, go to the link and vote #137... You DO have to go to your email and confirm the vote though... so make sure you go to your email after you vote on their website. Can you believe it; she's due November 26. She looks FAB!! We're rootin for ya Gretchie!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Ok, so I have been hearing tons of things going on with this proposition 8 that will be ready to vote on in November some time. What exactly is it? Well, the reason I know about it is because my mom has been put in charge of informing the community on what it really is about; and she was delegated this position by her very own bishop from her ward. Now, that right there must tell you something pretty serious; that if the church is getting involved (which normally they don't get THIS involved) then this is pretty critical to take time and really become knowledgable in what is going on right there in front of you. Thus, I hope that this won't contain too much reading for you but PLEASE take a few minutes and really read and understand what Proposition 8 does for the family unit. Proposition 8, if passed, will clearly define the moral issue of marriage; meaning between man and wife. If voted AGAINST it, gays and lesbians then have a right to what a normal marriage constitutes. I normally am a very open minded person; but in this instance I feel even my way of life is being threatened and that I'm now being judged for what I believe in as far as my own marital status. I am sorry, I really do hope you read the rest and truly understand what is about to it. Those of you who live outside of California such as I, please know that this doesn't only effect California. Everyone is watching because whatever they decide to pass, normally becomes a wripple effect to the rest of us. PLEASE READ ON!!! See who emailed this as a mass email so people can become informed... If you want to know what you can do to help email him at the email listed below. Thanks for listening to my rant. I'll get off my soap box now....Good luck California and God Bless America!!

Craig S. Hungrige
Senior Criminal Investigator
Sutter County District Attorney's Office
446 Second Street Yuba City , CA. 95991
Desk: (530) 822-7293
Criminal Division: (530) 822-7330

Dear friends and family,
My friend had Sacrament this past Sunday focus on Amendment 8 in California . (the gay marriage issue)
Their stake president asked the members of their stake to come up with $38,000 to support this amendment and this is non-tithing, non-contribution money. They are also to donate 4 weekends per family to call, and go door-to door in their community passing out info and collecting signatures and educating their neighbors about this amendment.
This is an excerpt from her letter about their Sacrament meeting:
'One of the Sacrament speakers is an LDS judge in the area and his statistics were mind blowing.
For example, in Boston , MA (where gay marriages are now legal,) the Catholic Charities have closed their doors because the state has required them to allow adoptions to same sex couples, and they refused. They are a large and worthwhile charity with great power in the state and they were overruled. A Methodist church has lost their tax exempt status because the minister refused to perform a marriage of a same sex couple (they were not of his congregation). A physician who refused to do fertility treatments on a same sex couple because of religious reasons was sued, lost and the state is requiring him to treat everyone as equals.
Our schools will be required to teach, starting in kindergarten, that marriages make up many different combinations. The consequences are horrible.
Directly tied into ALL of this is our right to continue to go to the Temple . If Gay Marriage is supported by the government, then those who are same-sex married, who are 'LDS' and legally recognized as married by the government, can sue to be married in the temple. It is my opinion that the church will not bend on this issue, and our rights to go to the temple will be in jeopardy.
AND goodbye to those religious tax-deductions. Tithing, fast offerings, etc. We will lose our tax-exemption status if the government legally forces the church to support same-sex marriage.'
These effects are far-reaching! I hope no one is upset by this email, I would not want to offend anyone, but I believe this issue is not a political issue at all, but a moral issue that, affects all of society. The Proclamation on the family clearly gives a warning voice on this matter. I pray that this issue on the ballots will overturn the gay marriages occurring right now in that state, and help prevent other states from adopting this stance. I believe that it is important to support and defend traditional marriage, home and family.
Another friend says that her relatives in Sweden are even watching what goes on in California . The whole world is watching to see what happens.

Friday, September 19, 2008


One of the funnest things the girls love to do is get in our large garden tub and turn on the bubbles. Lilly will come in and ask for "Bubbas"... She's such a nut. Emma loves playing with a comb and pretending it's a mermaid. Oh the imagination these girls have.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hot Rainy Days...

Emma's Crew... these are some of the neighbor boys who absolutely love playing with her.
(We think it's because she has a set of wheels.. what do you think?)
Not only do the girls enjoy being outside, but they got their first taste of HOT St. George rain. It actually felt good compared to the 99 degrees we had earlier that day.

Driving Lessons.. LOOK OUT!!

Emma got her first driving lesson today... well, sort of. She is still so skittish in her little jeep (she's had the thing since she was almost 2.) She'll get the hang of it sooner or later, with the help of her new friend next door, Malachi.

Home Sweet Home

This is the place... no going back... for at least the next 2 years while Nate finishes school.


One of Emma's favorite breakfast cereals when she goes to gma & pa's is Coco Puffs. She'll eat gallons of it while she's there. See how happy she is...


Lilly hasn't seen gma in the mornings obviously...
it's not even Halloween yet and already she's getting into the spirit. This is Lilly's favorite spot to run to when she hits gma & pa's house...
THE HIGH CHAIR!! Gma always has something good for her to munch on while we come visit.

The Last Breakfast (sort of..)

Our last supper before we're on the road. Pa fixed us a delicious plate of his famous biscuits & gravy. It's TONS better than anywhere I've ever eaten before (including the Cooking Pot in YC)..