Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Prop 8 defined!!!

It's crunch time now people!! All those who do not know what or who they are voting for, the time has come to really get to know what is going on... Especially on the prop 8 deal!! Click on the link below, I think this website really helps define in clear terms what Prop 8 really is about.. (that is, if you haven't checked this site out yet..)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Farm Adventures!!

Considering there is only 1 pumpkin farm here in St. George and surrounding areas, it really wasn't as crowded as we had anticipated. The girls had a blast with all the different activities they had going on at the farm; especially being able to pick out their own pumpkin to take home and carve... It was a fun day at the farm!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

"Happy Helper" Emma

Emma had a big day on Friday at Pre-school. She was the "Happy Helper" for a day. She was able to take the "Happy Helper" bunny (aka: Flower) home with her for a few days. She had fun taking Flower shopping, swimming (Flower watched), and to the park. She was sad to take her back to school but she had fun helping the teacher the rest of the day. She also got to bring in her favorite little stuffed kitty for sharing time as well as share cookies with the rest of her classmates. She had such a blast.

Friday, October 10, 2008

I've been tagged WAY TOO MUCH!!

Ok, here's the deal. I've been tagged twice so this is just going to have to do for those who have tagged me and for those who want to tag me again. But hey, I'm at least being a good sport about it and responding to those who tagged me... Here goes!!

TAG #1
The rules are:
Link to the person who tagged you:
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Write six random things/unspectacular quirks about yourself
Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them
Let each person you have tagged know by leaving a comment on their blog
Let the tagger know when your entry is posted

Weird things about myself, in no particular order:
1. My name... (enough said).
2. I've been married 6 years now & in that time lived in 6 different places.
3. HUGE Gone With The Wind & Scarlett fan. LOVE those classics..
4. I love the day after Thanksgiving shopping hype!!

5. I am SUPER anal about brushing my girls teeth after I let them brush them first...
6. I want to move back to California...

TAG #2

- CSI (Las Vegas)
- CSI (New York)
- Ghost Whisperer
- Numbers
- Prison Break
- Mentalist
- The Office
(I watch WAY TOO MUCH TV... thank goodness for DVR!!)

- Cafe Rio
- Olive Garden
- Famous Daves
- El Matador
- The Melting Pot (once in a great long while; so EXPENSIVE!!)
- Applebee's (sometimes; just for a chicken chinese salad; my fav.)
(We just don't go out a whole lot...)

- went shopping for groceries & home accessories
- took the girls to the park
- made cupcakes for Emma's Pre-school
- watched the girls swim in their little pool in the backyard
- took a nap (Mmmmm....)
(not too much really)...

- Halloween
- Thanksgiving
- Christmas
- Kaleb getting back from his mission (just under 3 months... WAHOO!!)
- The Day after Thanksgiving SHOPPING with the girls!! (who's up for 12:00 again?)
- Going to Disneyland next year for Emma's 5 year birthday (she talks about it everytime someone asks her how old she is... she'll tell them 4 but then she adds, "But when I turn 5 I get to go to Disneyland and see Ariel and Cinderella and Jasmine, etc...")
- Lilly's "2" birthday party!! (still don't know what we're going to do...)
- Nate's new job isn't as TIME constraining; we get to see more of him... YAY!!

- Finish school
- Settle down into my OWN home and never move AGAIN!!
- Have twins so I can be done!! (not too sure about that one)/ have a boy...
- Make lots of money so we can take a trip to Europe (here's to wishin, right?)
- Move to California
- Predict who the next president is going to be so that I can just kill myself NOW!! :) (j/k)

I'm just ending this tag game... Sorry, I know I'm such a bumber but everyone I would tag have most likely already been tagged. JUST DON't TAG ME ANYMORE.. Thanks guys...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Win A FREE Handbag!!

Ok, those of you who know me know that I'm such a purse collector... Well, I found this on a friend's blog and had to check it out. If you like purses as much as I do, check it out... it's def. worth your time!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Our First House Guests!!

Michele (my cousin) and her 2 kids came down to visit us for the weekend. They had missed us as we had missed them and thus had planned a fun filled weekend to get together with the kids down here at our new place. The kids had a blast (even though we got rained out on Saturday). We made the most of it though...

Gage & Lilly are SOO funny when they get together. As you can see, Gage is SUPER patient at times with Lilly; even more so to where he'll let her clean his nose for him... What a fruitcake. They loved playing catch and throw in our kitchen and especially enjoyed chasing eachother around the house. They had so much fun.
Considering we were rained out on Saturday, we decided to check out the much raved about dinosaur musuem here in St. George... (yeah, sorry, it really wasn't much let alone THAT fun for the kids). But we got some great pictures.
Of course the big attraction was going and seeing the horses. We were a little better equipped this time with carrots and so ALL the horses were a little more apt to coming over and seeing what was going on. Shelby sure wasn't afraid... she was even into hugging and kissing the big animal. Gage and Lilly of course were still afraid they were going after their toes and not the carrots... Besides seeing the horses, the kids enoyed swinging on rope & stick in our neighbors yard. Even Lilly got into the "swing" of things. We had such a great time....

Thanks for coming and spending some time with us. It made us feel a little more at home!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Surprise!! Surprise!! Can you guess??

Well, happy news all around I guess... We've known for sometime, we've just really been stressed with the job not panning out; finding another one that would work and then moving and getting settled. It's been absolutely crazy. But, we're 100% sure now we're expecting.... (It's become happier news now knowing we'll be covered and not so jobless as we thought).. Anyhow. Due sometime the beginning of May, we look forward to adding another to the Dial Clan. We're not sure yet if we want to know what we're having (as either way we're sure we'll be just fine) but I don't know if I can handle 9 months of not knowing what to expect (Do I finally get my boy or are we to add another girl to the wish list of Emma & Lilly). I was asking Emma the other day what she wanted, a baby brother or baby sister. She sat, almost thinking for a moment and then said, "Um, I want another baby sister." A few months previous, out of the blue she told me, without me nudging or asking, "Mommy, I want another sister." (I wonder if that was after her and Lilly had gotten into that day or what...) Either way we'll be sure to let everyone know what we decide. Oh Happy Days....