Wednesday, July 15, 2009

2 MONTHS!! Where has it all gone?!?!

Yesturday was Alice's 2 month check up. She did really well. She didn't make one peep the whole time and was very intrigued by everyone at the Dr's office. I cannot believe she is growing SO fast!! She is still a bit wibble wobbly in her neck, but she managed to lay on her stomach for Dr. Barton and hold her head up high (which I didn't get a shot of...). We were so proud of her...
She weighed in at 10 pds 8 oz (from 7 pds 4 oz) thus putting her in the 39%. She's shot up length wise from 21.5 to 23.5 (tall skinny little thing) putting her in the 86%.
She even managed to smile at the Dr.The girls had a great time playing with toys while there.... Other adventures Alice is taking on are starting to arch her back sideways and ready to roll over (not quite all the way, but her feet are super strong so she ends up pushing her whole body upward, thus leaving it hard for me to leave her anywhere unguarded). She LOVES smiling and "talking". The best part is she is sleeping for sure thru the nights (going down at 9:30 and waking up at 6:30 is pretty good sleep to me). When she wakes up she smiles and just jabbers for a bit and then is finally hungry. She loves her swing and takes a few long naps in her crip thru out the day. Not all is hunky dori however. She does have her moments of wanting to just cry and whine; but for the most part, we are doing really well (considering). Emma is back home and loving every minute she has to get to hold her baby sister. She and Lilly are back to role playing princesses and having their on-going sibling moments.
(sigh...) I love being a mom of GIRLS!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!

For the 4th of July, we (minus Emma; she is still in Cali w/ Nana and Papa & the boys) decided to spend it down in Arizona (crazy I know... what with how HOT it is down there). We went and spent the weekend with my bro & his fam. It was a ton of fun. We left Thursday and stopped at a historic Navajo Bridge along the way... it was overcast that day and thus made for GORGEOUS pix taking along the way. It made me think of how grateful I am to live in such a beautiful country and the freedoms I have that most don't.
Lilly & cousin Claire had a great time cooling off in the backyard in their blowup pool. As did the rest of them once they saw what the two mischief makers were doing...
The kids enjoyed spending 4th of July at a park where they provided free water rides for everyone to cool off in (what a novel idea!!). The kids enjoyed just a few rides as the lines were SUPER long (did I mention it was free?). We later enjoyed food by the carside as we watched the parks fireworks show. The kids enjoyed it (Lilly & Claire had to get used to it from the safety of the car and Morgon and Mae-Mae had to cover their ears at first (thinking it was going to be TOO loud). (I didn't get a pix, but Morgon ended up falling asleep during half of it, it was too funny). Claire & Morgon were the only ones really to get into the free water rides... Of course, they all got into a little mudhole (below)...And of course little Ali & her cousin Gi-gi enjoyed relaxing in the stroller. (Bonnie and I went shopping Friday and I had our double stroller with the 2 babes in it; people thought I was toting around twins (yah right!!)...Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!!