Monday, November 17, 2008

Sibling Rivalry

("I'm going to give you a hug and your going to like it... Stop squirming.")
So I was on the computer today and I was finally checking up on my blogging and nothing fun and eventful really has occurred for us these past few weeks, thus nothing really to post (sorry people, I'm just not very good at putting stories into words as delightful and fun as most of you do...) thus we haven't had much to post, until today. As I was saying, I was on the computer catching up on news when Lilly came in and had Emma's recital outfit on (something they now use for dress up). Emma followed in one of her ballet outfits. I had to laugh. I then started snapping pix. They were dancing and playing make believe so well together (fighting came with it as most sibling rivalry does) thus as I was taking pix's I told them to give eachother a hug. Lilly didn't want to have anything to do with it. She was busy trying to dance and skip but Emma (my most obedient one) took to trying to give her a hug. As you can tell she had a hard time, and Lilly was not happy about it. So, here's to those of you who can understand those crazy kid moments. I have so enjoyed reading up on the kid stories most of you have posted. I just wanted to contribute with my own...

Fun with an Elephant!!

Our neighbors are moving and clearing out games and they gave us an elephant butterfly game that the girls pulled out immediately and started playing with... As you can tell, they had such a blast.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Lulu!!

Lilly turned 2 today and boy is she climbing mountain after mountain!! I cannot get over how fast it all goes by. She got quite a few phone calls and loved talking to everyone. Thanks for calling. She loved her little Pajama Party with all her friends & family. Her cousins came down from Salt Lake for the week and she got to spend the day with them while mommy & aunt Kimmie got ready for her party later that night. Everyone had fun decorating their own pillowcases, watching Lilly open her gifts and having cake and homemade peach ice cream (which turned out absolutely DELICIOUS!!) Then, they all sprawled out with pillows & blankets while watching Dora & waiting for their parents to come pick them up. It was such a fun night and just flowed so easily. Goodie bags included: travel size toothbrush, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, floss, glow in the dark stars, mini bubbles, & gummy's. The kids loved them.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Emma still couldn't figure out what she wanted to be this year. One day it would be a princess then the next it would be something completely off the wall (half the time I had no idea what she was saying.) Thus, I pulled out one of Emma's old Halloween costumes (a lamb costume she wore her second Halloween) and decided to run with it. When I told Emma I was going to make her a Bo-Peep costume, she asked, "Princess who?" I guess she decided to run with it because later she had her preschool Halloween party and had fun showing off her version of "Princess Bo-Peep". ( She cracks me up.) Thus, "Princess Bo-Peep" and her little stray lamb got dressed up and ready to go trick or treating in our neighborhood. We didn't have much luck as it seemed everyone was out doing the same thing we were doing. (Wierd) So, we decided to go to Nate's cousin's neighborhood where we did a little better, but still not as good as I remember as a kid. All that mattered was there wasn't any whining or fussing about wanting to quit and go home so we stayed out for a couple hours longer than I thought they would go for and then made it home to bed. The girls enjoyed dumping out candy and seeing all that they got. It was a fun night over all. Happy Halloween everyone!!