Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Bunnies to Easter Hunts...

We had a wonderful Easter weekend. It's a little late, I know, in getting this on here, but I guess better late then never, right? We started off the weekend by going and seeing the Easter Bunny. Emma's friend from preschool invited her over to take pictures with the Easter Bunny and I figured rather than going to the mall to get pictures of them both, I figured this was the perfect chance to get it all done at once. However, Lilly was NOT too keen on the idea as she soon found herself one on one almost with the GREAT WHITE MONSTER.. She would not release her claws from my side for one second so I had to go and take the pictures with her. It was quite a site, but she did just fine. Emma obv. was used to it by now so we hope Lilly will grow out of it as well..
We then made our way to Phoenix, AZ (all last minute planning BTW) and were able to go down and visit Brett and Bonnie and the kids. It was so much fun. We were able to have a small easter basket hunt in the morning and then later after naps went on an easter egg hunt at the park across the street. It was a lot of fun and the kids were so happy to be with eachother as well as finding their candy filled baskets. It was so nice to relax a bit and visit with family (even though it seems it was such a quick trip). However, Bonnie surprised us all by having the baby the night before we left. Jenavive Emalynn George (8 lbs, 1 oz; 22 inches long). Congratulations you guys!! Thanks for making it such a sweet time... we SOO needed it!!

Lilly and her cousin Claire loved finding the eggs more for eachother than they did so much for themselves. It was the most endearing site to watch as they would find an egg and then pass one off to the other. SO CUTE!! They just loved eachother.
Lilly loved finding the eggs and showing them off. She was so funny to watch as this was more her first time really getting into searching and finding the eggs without help.
The girls had a blast that weekend we were there. They enjoyed all sorts of fun things. One of their favorites was dressing up and having little parties. We decided to get them to dress up and take pictures of their little tea party. It was so much fun and the girls loved the attention. It was absolutely adorable!!

Hope everyone's Easter weekend was fun with clear skies.Happy Belated Easter from ours to yours!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Driving on the Road...

So I was checking my email today and I received this from someone who was obviously upset with whatever driving I had succumbed to yesturday...

"I wouldn't buy from you because you are your own worst advertising. Maybe if you were a little more respectful on the road it would help your business and not hurt it. Just a thought from a fellow driver who watched you drive with little respect for others today."

What do you say to that? Do you say anything at all?
Part of me wants to lash out and ask, "Who are you to tell me how to drive? Are you so perfect as to feel you have the right to mis-judge someone else by the way you think the WORLD should be driving? Just because you were able to use my business website and lash out at me the way you did, does it make you feel better?"
But then part of me just says let it go, you know what kind of a driver you are and you don't remember doing anything as wreckless as this person claims you did, let it go (oh, wait, that's not part of my conscience saying that, that would be my husband telling me to just let things go...).
Please, someone, make some sense of this for me!!! How rude can people get these days?
(BTW, those of you who check this and knew me back in high school... I'm a MUCH better driver these days than I was back then, so please, be nice.)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Dentist Visit!!

Yesturday was the Lilly's first dentist visit. She was somewhat excited... (Emma kept telling her it was going to be a TON of fun, I just love that girl!! She's such my big helper!!) The outcome was fair. Understandably, she's 2. But I figured I'd get her going a little earlier than I had with Em. Thus we made it a double duty day... Emma of course (this being her second time; she did fabulous the last time considering she was familar with the last dentist, it being one I worked for), so she was very familar with the settings. Lilly on the other hand was not ok with laying back in the chair. This was as far as she was willing to go. Not too bad, however she didn't like the "electric toothbrush" they use (she likes her Hello Kitty one more and likes it when mommy does it rather than some stranger doing it...). So, the assistant had to brush her teeth with a regular toothbrush. She did great with that part. Then, when the dentist came in, she didn't want anything to do with him, thus mommy had to lay her down and somewhat hold her while the he checked her teeth. NO CAVITIES, YAY!!! Same with Em's. (Whew...). So, suffice it to say, it was a fair visit for poor little "lu-lu" but a fabulous 2nd timer for Em's. To top it all off, I was in sucha hurry to get to the appt. that I forgot my camera, so I had to resort to the good old camera phone. Not too shabby I guess..
(Here is Lilly awaiting the "DREADED" cleaning...)
(She didn't want to lay down, so this is how we had to do it... Unfortunately no pictures of her screaming and not wanting to get NEAR the dentist as I am holding her down long enough for him to have her open; which she eventually willingly did on her own. )(Emma did great, this was a pre-pix before he really got started on her). Needless to say, WE MISS YOU DR. FRANCIS!!!!