Thursday, January 29, 2009

Watch what you say...

So I was cooking dinner and Emma was playing make believe with her "My Little Ponies"... It wasn't but a few minutes into her little drama speel that all of a sudden both Nate and I heard these words come rushing out of her mouth, "I'm gonna kick your butt..." I cocked my head and looked at Nate just as he did the same. With half concerned grins we both turned and faced Emma where she was completely oblivious to us staring at her.
ME: Emma, what did you just say?
EMMA: What?
NATE: Did you just say "I'm gonna kick your butt?"
EMMA: Oh.. (in between giggles) I was just kidding, I'm playing with "My Little Ponies".
NATE: Sweetie, did you hear someone say that? That's not very nice, even if you are playing with your toys...
EMMA: But mommy says it all the time to Lilly.
You can just imagine the grin on my face (not shown to Emma, but more to Nate) of embarrassment as I turned and continued to stir the contents in my pot. I had to try really hard to stiffle the giggle that wanted to emerge from my mouth at that instant. Nate just nodded his head and said, "It sounds like mommy needs to watch what she's saying, huh Emma?"
EMMA: Yeah!! (with a slight laugh)...
Lesson learned, my daughter is listening more intently than I can only imagine... It BEGINS!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Lilly the Great Chronicles....

Our little POW... isn't she cute. Here's the story to that sad looking face and the bandage upon her head.
The BIG adventures of Lilly the Great...
Our story begins with Lilly overseeing her obstacle; the couch. She decides that in order to get to the other side, she must climb this monstrous thing in front of her. Thus she begins to climb. She sees the beginning to the end of her long climb and hopes to see a glimmer of descent. However, this descent is not what she had in mind. She enters the top of the monstorous couch and as she begins to savour the moment of victorious climbing, she looses her balance and thus begins her un-announced descent.... Boy does it hurt. She does not land as softly as she would have liked her body to allow, none-the-less, she is on the ground. She then realizes the most unfamilar, excruciating pain ever at the tip of her head, thus creating a loud siren of shouts and screams. Laying there screaming, her father is first to the scene. He picks her up and immediately asseses the damage. Finding a large bump that has immediately began to form, her mother finds an ice pack and they plant it firmly onto her head. After about 30 min. of on and off again motions with the ice pack, Lilly is read to eat. Thus creating the POW illusion and thus is the end of our hero's journey... Tune in next week as Lilly the Great encounters: THE BED!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas Holiday in a nutshell.. enjoy!!

We had a very unique Christmas Season this year. Normaly we head to sunny Cali for a few weeks and enjoy family and friends. This year, considering Kaleb was coming in just a few days after Christmas (and wanted to see the family; thus was flying into SLC), we decided to stay home. Figuring we were in the middle of where everyone lives, our home was the designated area, thus we had everyone (almost; Brett & Bonnie & kids came the day after Christmas), in our small little house. But it was the best time ever!! We had a fun week for Christmas in St. George and then 2 days after we left for Salt Lake to see Kaleb get in on Monday, thus celebrating the rest of our Christmas & New Year's season opening gifts and living up the George Family Christmas traditions. It was so fun seeing all of the family (both sides).
Lilly has def. grown more and more in love with little Lucy. She actually wanted to hold her this time. They were so cute!! And that Lucy is such a patient little baby!!Every year for Christmas Eve we celebrate by having the grandkids (and a designated couple) act out the Nativity Scene. My mom and dad went to Jerusalem when we were just kids and brought back these awesome shephards clothes (I can't think of the name of them; but the grandkids love them and look forward to wearing them ever year). This year there was only Emma, Lilly & Lucy, thus narrowing the "fight club" down a bit. Lucy played our lovely little baby Jesus and Lilly was the only one up for being a shephard along with her Uncle Jordan. Emma was in one of her drama moods. (gotta love those "girl" moments). The next morning the girls woke and were SO excited to see what Sant had brought. They loved helping eachother open gifts and were equally surprised at what they got. It was so funny!!

Emma LOVED her leapster. She took it with her on our road trip up to SLC and enjoyed sharing it with her cousin Morgon. Lilly loved her baby doll set. She loved pushing her new little baby around in her stroller and pampering her to sleep in her new little bassinet. It was the cutest thing. Made me a little more relieved in preparation for the new little one in May. While in SL we got to visit with Gma & Gpa Dial & cousins. For Christmas this year Gpa Dial gave the grandkids a unique coin starter collection. (He being a collector himself). The kids even received a fun coin counting machine and the girls were immediately excited to get it home so they could put the change from their original piggy banks into the machine.

Another tradition we do (normally Christmas Eve) is read the Night Before Christmas; where Santa comes and visits and brings our Christmas Eve gifts (consisting mostly of pajamas or bathroom accessories). This year we waited for Kaleb and celebrated so he could enjoy a little Christmas tradition as well. The kids were elated. 2 out of 2, STEPH!! Quite shocking too, as Lilly's first sighting of Santa was at our Ward Christmas Party. (She only sat on his lap because Emma had been sitting there.) Thus, this time around (Jordan playing our Santa) she got right up there (thus seeing all the other cousins were getting gifts from him, it must be safe, right?). Claire then decided to join her, providing such the sweetest cousin photo op. They were such the best of friends the whole Christmas vacation.

Family Reunion... sort of.

Lilly & her cousin Claire LOVED hanging out with eachother all thru the Christmas and New Year Holidays. You found them everywhere with eachother and it was mostly Lilly dragging poor Claire around. Lilly got dress up clothes from Nana for Christmas thus the kids wanted to try them on. We got some cute photo op's of these two just chillin. They were so much fun to watch.We made signs that the kids could hold up for when their Uncle Kaleb came down the escalator he'd see them first. Little did we know, we were in the WRONG part of the airport, thus had to move, but made it (nonetheless) just in time for him to see them holding up their signs!! He loved it!!

We're whole again!!