Sunday, August 30, 2009

Life gets crazy!!!

Our story begins with our moving. For those of you just tuning in, we have moved AGAIN!! Where you might ask? Back to SLC, and who knows if this will be the final destination. One more year of school and then from there, nobody knows. In any case, we moved for work (no more work to be done I guess down in St. George; we go where the work is... so here we are again). As we get settled in another home in NSL for another year, we find ourselves starting a new kind of adventure with our girls. Emma, now kindergarten bound, decided she HAD to play soccer and wanted to try and be on her cousins team. Thus, here are the 2 "BFF's" ready to begin their first soccer game of the season. I have to admit, I went a little crazy on pix, but considering Nana and Papa weren't there to enjoy the scenes, these many photo ops are for them. The rest of you can scroll down to the next set of adventures...BBQ.

Em & her cousin Shelby (GO STINGERS!!)
Just daydreaming before the big game...

Kick her in the shins.. I mean... get the ball!!
Surprising how nobody was there to take the ball from her... normally they're all in a cluster!!

Taking a breather, it's sure hot out there!!
Em's #1 Fan!! She SO wanted to get out there with her sis...
Friday, August 28, 2009... Emma turns 5.
For Em's big 5 year birthday, considering we had just moved back and hadn't had time enough to throw anything with friends, we decided to nab a few family members and throw a small BBQ Birthday for our birthday girl. Emma had a great time playing with her cousins. the first thing she asked for that morning as she woke up was "pancakes that daddy makes" (which means crepes) and chocolate milk. She also woke up asking what to wear to her lunch with the princesses (we are taking her as part of her birthday gift this year to Disneyland later in October). Later that day we had to meet with her kindergarten teacher for testing and then came home to get ready for the festivities. It was a blast. Auntie Gretchie made her a castle cake which Em absolutely loved...
5 castle cones for a bee-autiful 5 year old!!
Aunt Gretchie and Emma; look at that amazing cake!! Love you Gretch!!
Emma and her cousins... she sure has fun being around family.

Thanks to all who helped make Em's special day all that more amazing and loved.

Monday, August 17, 2009

3 months and rolling over!!!

Yep, you read that right... Just over 3 months and our "eat, sleep & poop" -ing little baby is making waves and rolling over. I had just finished feeding her and had laid her on the floor. I had the tv on at the time and had glanced up to see some news feed and there it happened. For one split second I'm watching the tv and she had been on her back, I looked back down at her and all of a sudden she's on her stomach.. So, I wanted to catch it on camera and this is what I got (silly little thing). Ok, so I can't figure out how to get video feed on yet, but here's a few camera shots of her...On our way to church... just Alice & I (Nate and the other 2 girls are up in SL working and playing while I'm down here in St. George packing and getting ready for the big move this next weekend). Chillin with the skillet...
I found a few pix on my camera from the trips we took this summer. We went down to Arizona and saw Brett & Bonnie for their baby blessing as well as up in SL with family for my cousin's wedding and our own baby blessing.
Alice & her cuz Gi-Gi.. (Can you find Kaleb making his "traditional" family photo funny face? When Kaleb was about 10 we had a family photo done and it was during the time that digital wasn't quite up and running yet... well, good ole Kaleb had his tongue sticking out on a majority of the family photos, thus picking out a "good one" was impossible. So that's how we remember him and that's what he'll pose as for family photo ops. By the way, any girls that are the least bit interested, I can't say whether he'll take descent photos or not for engagement or wedding, so good luck).

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Crazy Summer wrap up...

Ok, so it's been quite a while since I've gotten on here to blog, but it's been a really crazy tail end of a summer, let me tell ya... Here's a little of what we've been up to since I blogged last..
July 10th Nate's company downsized and literally had to lay off all it's employees minus the family members working for it... JOBLESS AGAIN!?!?! (sigh)...
We then take off for SL because there is NOTHING in St. George hiring in construction; needing to stay close to a major city (Nate is finishing up his last year of school thus needing to stay here in Utah otherwise out of state will only make him start fresh in their program, quite silly I know). Good news though, we found a job (we'll see how long this one lasts). Bad news, we're moving AGAIN!! Those who know me know I'm SO sick of moving. (sigh), life happens I guess.. but we have really been blessed in not having to go too long without a job and I have been blessed with being able to stay home still with my girls, as so many go months without work and then start to lose everything. My heart goes out to those who have had to experience that...
July 26, we were able to bless Alice with family while job searching up in SL and then headed down to Arizona for Brett & Bonnies baby blessing. The girls loved seeing their cousins and enjoyed a few days with aunts, uncles and nana & papa (Emma esp loved seeing nana again considering she had just spent the month of June with her). We then headed back up to St. George for a day before heading back up to SL to look for a place to live, again. (sigh) After finding a place, I am headed back down to St. George to wrap up the house items and bring them back down, just in time for Emma to start school. I don't have pix of our many adventures as I forgot our camera, so documenting our fun loving CRAZY summer adventures just didn't occur. I'm looking forward to settling down (once more) and will be up and running in no time to tell of how things are going. (Alyssa!! I'm looking forward to getting the kids together on a more regular basis and will be calling you soon to hook up, promise!!)