Thursday, June 3, 2010

Emma's Kindergarten Graduation

I cannot believe how fast time flies. I am having problems posting more pictures on FB for some reason, not sure I even want to continue with it, at least I have blogging still right? We went and watched Em and her classmates put on a little graduation show for the parents. She was so cute and had so much fun. After I was able to get a few pictures of her and a few of her friends even though almost everyone in her class was pretty keen on her and her them. I was able to volunteer once a week and really got to know her little friends. It was amazing at the relationships each child had with eachother and how much everyone got along thru the whole year. Such a great group of kids and how sad it's going to be to move away from them next year as she will be starting at a completely new school.

This guy was actually the school's crossing guard. We would drive by him and the girls would roll their windows down and say hi to him every morning. It was so sweet. Alice went right to him and was happy just sitting in his lap thru the whole thing. I guess he ended up having a little great grandaughter in her class. Such a sweet man.

At the end of the "mini" ceremony I failed once again to get pictures with me or Nate. Isn't that always the case? I'll have to post more later.